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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why drink Hydrogen-Rich Water / Hydrogenated Water / Reduced Water? A: Dissolved hydrogen has been found to have anti-oxidant properties which helps to reduce aging and can enhance celluar protection by removing free radicals. In addition, research has found that it has other healing properties such as anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects. More importantly, there is evidence to support that hydrogen-rich water helps to reduce oxidative stress for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy and helps to reduce the harmful effects of oxidative stress caused by other chronic illness. Q. I am free from illness and very healthy, how can hydrogen-rich water help me? A: If you are in good heath, drinking hydrogen-rich water will help you to be better hydrated compared to drinking normal water. When you are better hydrated, you will feel more energised and your bodily function will improve as water transport nutrients and oxygen more effficiently  to the brain, cells, and organs in your body. A healthy person may also suffer the negative effects of free radicals damage at the cellular level and hence drinking hydrogen-rich water will protect you from harmful free radicals.  Q: What are some health benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water? improve cellular health and protection enhance better nutrient absorption in the body better hydration for your body improves muscle-tissue functions & joints mobility  improves quality of life of cancer patients undergoing treatment increase blood circulation helps to lower saturated fat levels reduce ageing to give healthy looking skin reduce constipation problems aids in lowering cholesterol levels  detoxifies your body faster recovery from physical workout better endurance and alertness improves skin condition and for beautiful skin Q: How is hydrogen produced? A: Through electrolysis Q. Is making the hydrogen gas from electrolysis safe? A: Yes, the manufacturer of the product has done water quality and safety tests before releasing the product to the market for sale. The water standard meets the World Health Organisation standard for clean and safe drinking water. Q: Why hydrogen-rich water is called antioxidant water? A: It contains a high amount of dissolved hydrogen ions or H- (minus) ions which when consumed in the body will help to donate electrons to free radicals in the body so that the free radicals are neutralised. Q: What is Oxidation Reduction Potential Or ORP? A: ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. By using REDOX/ORP METER, you can measure the concentrations of  minus electron hydrogen in the water. The higher the negative ORP reading in mV, the higher the concentraiton of hydrogen negative ions in the water. Our products have an ORP reading of -300 to -550 mV.  Q. Is hydrogen-rich water safe for all people? A. Yes. Hydrogen-rich water is safe for all ages, regardless of health condition or those on medications. Q: Can i drink the hydrogen water with medicine that I am taking? A: Yes Q: What is the PH level of the water? A:Our products do not produce a very high alkaline level water as they are not alkaline water machines. They are hydrogen producing machines. The PH level is around 6.8 to 7.8 level. Recent research has shown that it is not healthy to drink too alkalined water of PH level 8 and higher as it may cause more harm than good to our body in the longterm.  Q. What kind of water is best to use? A. Use only filtered / purified water or tap water at room temperature only. Do not add tea, coffee or juices into the machine. Q: Is it a problem if I drink too much hydrogen-rich water? A: No, drinking a high amount of hydrogen-rich water has no negative health impact. Normal consumption of water in general is 2 to 3 litres per day.
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